The story of Play Station

December 28th, 2009

The story of Play Station

Some time back I read a book called Last Child in the Woods, a book that has gotten significant press in the last few years. The author, Richard Louv, explores how today’s children have become increasingly disconnected from nature. This stems from, in part, the appearance of tightly-packed suburbs, disappearing sidewalks, and parks that require a car to get to.

I got a bit sentimental reading this book, remembering the afternoons of my childhood spent wandering through the woods and digging in the dirt. And while our family loves a good video game like the best of them, I thought about tweaking our notion of a Play Station.


I like to think when I wear it it’s a good reminder to turn off the electronics, head for the door, and spend some quality time outside.

The Play Station shirt is available online at Wire & Twine and at the retail stores MiCA and Park + Vine.

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December 30th, 2009   12:13 am

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