June 23rd, 2010


Tom and I have been out of the office this week, attending a workshop where we’re learning the ins and outs of letterpress. This is super exciting, as this is something I wanted to learn to do for ages. When we discovered there was a Vandercook sitting right in our neighborhood, we knew we had to get our hands on it in some capacity.

When the very talented Erin of Inky Winke agreed to do a one week course, we happily jumped on board.

I’ll share a few photos of our classmate John putting his work on the press, and when we’ve had a chance to breathe, Tom and I will share what we’ve cobbled together.

John’s work

aaron price

June 24th, 2010   8:52 am

wicked cool. this is awesome.


June 27th, 2010   3:52 pm

If you care to make the trip to Cbus, you might like these fine folks (http://iglooletterpress.com/) — and take a bookbinding class while you’re there.


June 30th, 2010   1:03 pm

Ha! Allison at Igloo and Erin are friends, I believe. I love this small world.


February 14th, 2011   12:25 pm

I grew up in a print shop (Heidelberg, Linotype), and have, of late, developed a renewed interest in the beauty of all things letterpress. My life is very, very digital, and I’m cool with that. But there will always be a special place in my heart for ink instead of toner, paper instead of pixels.

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