Nerd alert

March 9th, 2010

Nerd alert

If you fire up iTunes and hit the podcast area, you’ll see this fella Chris Hardwick staring back at you. That’s a bit of our handiwork there! (We did the graphics and the fine portrait is by Robyn Von Swank.)

We’ve been working with Chris for a while now, helping him with interface bits for his website and you might even remember that Nice Tweets shirt we made. (On that note, there are only a few sizes left but we’re thinking it’s time to throw it back on the press.)

I remember Chris from Singled Out on MTV, but he’s been pretty busy of late: hosting Web Soup, appearing on Attack of the Show and Chelsea Lately, and on stage doing stand up. Now he has this new podcast and the guest line up has already included the likes of Jon Hamm, Rob Huebel, Adam Carolla, Drew Carey and Tom Lennon.

He’s hurting my link making finger.

We’ve got some new goods coming down the pike real soon in conjunction with this fine gentleman. Real soon! We’re excited.

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