Wire & Twine Holiday Sale

November 26th, 2010

Wire & Twine Holiday Sale

People keep asking, “When are you going to make new stuff!?” And we’re working on lots of great things for 2011! But first we need to clear out the old stuff (though some might be new to you since we’ve never sent out email updates or blog regularly.)

So now’s your chance to pick up some great deals for yourself or for gifts.

If it’s on sale, it’s probably going to be retired soon to make way for new things in the next year!

Check out the sale at Wire & Twine.

Lou Materia

January 5th, 2011   10:27 pm

I just stumbled upon your site from the woxy.com site. I’m listening to the new Decemberists album while doing so. When I happened upon your “Enjoy This Beautiful Day” shirt, I was brought to tears. It could’ve been the wonderful music, but I know it was the sublime nature of the shirt that moved me. I love finding such uplifting and positive messages while going about my day. Then, I read your story and the simplicity with which you conduct your business. It is a true inspiration to find such grand people in the world.
Thank you for existing.

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