It snowed today

December 7th, 2009

It snowed today

Though there wasn’t much to speak of, it was nice to look out the window this morning and see a nice thin blanket of snow reaching out to the horizon.

Wendy’s daughter summed it up on the family calendar :

It snowed today. We might build snow men. We hope it doesn’t rain. (Translated)

This is one of those days that you avoid driving if possible. Not because of the road itself, but because of the other folks on the road.

So while the kids have already been out in their boots, we’re keeping the fires stoked during this busy season. Tom’s cranking on Processing orders out in the studio and I’m working from home on a website for an renewable energy company based in Africa.

Good times.

Now when we get a really big snow, we’re totally going out and helping build those snowmen.

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