December 31st, 2009


Originally our studio was intended to be a space for woodworking, pottery and music making. But as our business grew we started taking the space over with all new equipment. The planer was scooted off to the side and a screenprinting press took its place. The workbench for tools had to make way for a big drying unit. The tool closet became a darkroom.

Fast-forward three years and we stopped ourselves from ending up on an episode of Hoarders by deciding we need to clean house. Like, major.

So we ended 2009 removing most of the personal items we’ve had piling up on any and every available surface. We’re putting away all stock and doing inventory. And best of all, we’re tearing down this wall that formed a little nook we crammed three folks with computers behind. In its place will be more work surfaces, a nice big table for community projects, space for some music equipment and light from a window that previously got no love.

Pardon our dust as we reconfigure. We’ll share the changes along the way. (Hindsight: a “before” shot would have been nice, eh?)

All that said? We’re pretty darn excited about the new space, and the new year. On that note, we hope everyone has a safe and happy flip of the calendar.


January 5th, 2010   2:18 pm

I really, really would love to see what this scene looked like about 1 second after this shot was taken.


January 5th, 2010   4:41 pm

I’m with Bryan. Looking forward to more pics of the reconfigure.

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