Talking turkey

November 25th, 2009

Talking turkey

For most Americans, Thanksgiving and turkey are eternally paired. As we flip the calendar to November, somebody in the office starts researching Alton Brown and his latest turkey preparation. Previous years have included deep frying, brining, and even something that involved large syringes of spices.

In order to begin such kitchen science, somewhere along the way, we’re going to need to purchase a turkey.

As I was shopping at our local Farmer’s Market, I noticed that Morning Sun Farm, where we usually buy our poultry, was taking orders for turkeys. I love this idea! I like that our turkey came from just down the road, was fed an organic diet, and lived a happy life as a free-range bird.

We never would have thought of this option a few years back. As we look toward being more thoughtful about how we shop and eat, I love discovering these options right in our own back yard.

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