Back to Ohio

March 1st, 2010

Back to Ohio

Sometimes mistakes turn out wonderful. Such was the case when we accidentally shipped Aaron the wrong shirts. (Fret not, it doesn’t happen too often – and when it does we try to set things proper right quick!)

Anyway, we filed his return mailer with the wrongly shipped shirts away in the restock basket.

Months pass.

Finally I’m clearing out the bin and discover Andrew included a drawing of the two mistakenly shipped shirts (Dino Smart-Tee and Play Station). These were modeled by two members of The Pretenders with the words “Back to Ohio,” awesomely using the typeface of their debut album.

We were so excited by this (and ashamed it took us months to discover it) that we printed up a special shirt with Aaron’s drawing and shipped it back to him.

There he is over there on the left modeling said tee. Turns out, Aaron has a website chock full of excellent work with everything from illustrations to music. So check him out on and know that something as cut and dry as a product return is an opportunity for awesomeness. We are taking note.

Todd H. Page

March 19th, 2010   8:19 am

That is Awesome!

Still want the dino smart-tee in an adult medium.

I would wear that all. the. time.

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