When crafting goes terribly wrong

March 3rd, 2010

When crafting goes terribly wrong


I’ve always wanted to learn to knit. I have visions of creating that perfect sweater that I can’t seem to find in stores—neutral colors, roomy enough to layer, and accommodates my short torso.

About five years ago I finally took a class. I knitted one small green scarf, and then life went up into a big tornado of crazy and my knitting needles made their way to the basement.

Fast-forward to a few weeks back. The Olympics (which I dearly love) began, and I found myself glued to the television in the evening. I was engrossed enough that it was not conducive to work, but I found myself a little fidgety. “This would be the perfect time to be knitting,” I thought to myself.

A quick Google later, I found myself learning to knit via an online tutorial. Hooray for the internet! I was quite self congratulatory as I began to see the beginnings of a scarf come to be.

But then I noticed my scarf was getting wider. And somewhat triangular. But maybe that was just my eyes, so I persevered. Bu then it started getting really wide and really triangular.

This is the point at which I started counting stitches, which, clearly, is something you should do periodically when you knit. I think somehow I had separated the yarn and added stitches or something like that. Long story short? It was time to start fresh.

I’m happy to announce that I am currently knitting something that resembles a rectangle. But I do see the downside of this online learning. I missed having someone on the couch next to me to look at my triangle and tell me where I had gone wrong. No matter how good this internet thing is, there’s sometimes no replacement for some hands-on learning. So to all my knitting friends, you’ve been warned that I will appear on your couch someday soon, where you will have to tell me a a sweater is not a great project for a beginning knitter.

But in the meantime, hooray for rectangles!



March 3rd, 2010   12:47 pm

this is a good site to learn how to knit:



March 3rd, 2010   1:22 pm

Oooo! Thank you! This looks like a juicy resource.

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