January 7th, 2010


It’s our turn for a solid winter storm. School got cancelled and we all hunkered down at our respective homes to leave our cars parked and watch the flurries.

The kids heard there was going to be lots of snow, but they had a hard time understanding what that meant. To give them a visual example, we set up a Gnome-o-meter. Our 14″ friend would help us with a visual representation of how much snow we were really getting. All day the kids were to delighted to check on his progress.

If the weather folks get it right, when we wake up tomorrow all we’ll be able to see is his hat.


January 7th, 2010   10:48 pm

Y’all got more snow up there by the studio than we did down here in Cincinnati! Yes, I’m jealous.


January 8th, 2010   12:42 pm

I love this! Sad that the little gnome has to get so chilly… but thanks for making me smile.


January 8th, 2010   3:03 pm


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