Listening, February 2010

February 10th, 2010

Listening, February 2010

There’s almost always music spinning at the shop. Most of us are music folks (Tom, Chris, and Joel). One of us is musically-challenged and often surrounded by children (Wendy). But we all love to have a soundtrack for our work day.

Here’s what we’ve got in the queue right now:

Chris' Picks


Four TetThere is Love in You
Whenever someone plays Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) at the studio I always ask, “Who is this?” because it’s got great energy; totally good-for-working music. This new release adds another solid mix to the library. Good in whole doses.

Ox Tails: Songs from 2009
I admire Khoi’s aesthetic and perspective in design, so it was a pleasure to see him post a collection of favorite music from 2009. There were several songs on the list I already knew and loved, but the real joy was discovering new artists.

MikaThe Boy Who Knew Too Much
Bright, layered pop that I’d say mixes a bit of Queen with Jellyfish and Scissor Sisters; a guilty pleasure I listen to on headphones.

Joel's Picks


Know Better Learn FasterThao with the Get Down Stay Down
The quintessentially fun album. Sometimes when I come in to the shop and am feeling down, I put this on and it completely gets me in the mood to be positive….and when I’m happy, it makes me happier. Complete with an appearance from Andrew Bird and catchy hooks, this album keeps the foot tappin’ and mouth whistling.

Dosh – Dosh
The first album from a man that constantly amazes me with what he can do with two hands and feet. Electronic program beats meets organic loops and a propensity for improvisation. Dance numbers meets the odd time signature. This is a super chill album that makes you forget that what he’s doing IS complicated.

Flight of the ConchordsI Told You I Was Freaky
Normally, I dislike pop music and parody albums for the most part. I rejected the idea of even listening to these guys due to their being parody/comedy musicians. That was until this album. The songs on this album REALLY nail the style that is being parodied. From R & B songs about a girl with a lazy eye that lost her epileptic dog in the park to dance tunes about ladies wanting a taste of Jermaine’s sugarlumps. Hilarious.

Tom's Picks


Aidan BakerLiminoid/Lifeforms
Just got this in. Already my favorite solo release from Nadja’s Aidan Baker. Slow and evolving without getting lost. A perfect soundtrack for the snow covered ground outside.

The AntlersHospice
Loving this indie rock album. Sounds like Grandaddy and “Deserter’s Songs”  Mercury Rev go on a camping trip.

Boston Spaceships0 to 99
I am a huge Guided by Voices fan (check out the video for Soundburger for some evidence). After a long time (and test of hopefulness) the sound that I love is back. Super hooky and loaded with many earworms. This combination of Pollard, Slusarenko, and The Decemberists John Moen is a pleasure and relief. A+.

Wendy's Picks


Middle CycloneNeko Case
During these snowy winter days, I need to find something that has a mellow sound that pairs well with the soft snow, but doesn’t lull me to the couch for a long nap. This album strikes that happy medium. Plus, she mentions killer whales, which are really big around here these days.

* Wendy gets a pass on recommending three albums since she’s generally under a pile of children demanding to watch Noggin.

Chris Glass

February 10th, 2010   12:14 pm

I totally thought Joel was going to fess up about his recent love of Queen’s Greatest Hits.

Megan Shaw

February 12th, 2010   3:52 pm

I am most curious about your cd shelf system. Did you use wall mounted shelf brackets and custom cut wood. I am looking for similar solution and debating ISS Design compession poles to avoid wall mount. But would be curious to know your technique. thanks and ever envious of your work :o)

joel griggs

February 22nd, 2010   4:25 pm

Sorry, glass… i can’t fit how much i love queen in the amount of space i’m given. 🙂

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