Portfolio: Oxford Seniors

February 3rd, 2010

Portfolio: Oxford Seniors

We try to take on work that resonates with us in some way. Work that intrigues us in terms of functionality or application, or that moves our spirit.

When a friend called asking us to put in a bid on a project for the local senior center, we knew we had to be a part of it. As a small public entity that strives to remain affordable for the entire senior community, the Senior Center had few funds to develop their brand. When they won a small grant, they had limited means with which to reestablish their identity.

With some hard work and a fantastic working relationship, we were able to develop an identity, collateral, and signage. What was most exciting about this project is that it involved several skills we tuck under our creative umbrella. Not only did we design all the materials, but we were responsible for all the photography used in the collateral.

Oxford Seniors officially launched their new identity last week at a lively party with nearly all their members in attendance. The seniors, who had been a part of the design process, were excited about their new brand. “There’s new excitement in the air—you can just feel it!” one person commented.

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Deby Sage

February 5th, 2010   8:30 am

Well done…love the photos with it!…

Would have liked to see more of your photos. It’s always been my intention to do a woodblock series based on Senior citizens. I love the character of their faces.


March 31st, 2011   8:11 pm

very nice!

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