Under the sea

February 1st, 2010

Under the sea

Do you remember when you were you were young, the smallest of spaces seemed the most cozy? Under chairs and desks, and behind the couch. We used to spend hours holed up under my dad’s desk with blankets, pillows, and books. Smaller people seem to find comfort in smaller spaces.

My mother, who has been a teacher for about a zillion years, created this great activity that takes advantage of this concept—building an ocean under your kitchen table! On these freezing winter days, we can always use an activity to keep us invigorated indoors.

Simply cut out fish in many different colors, create some underwater plants, and hang them from under the table. In our house, some of the kids are too young to cut fish, but they eagerly get involved in drawing eyes, fins, and decorating. Add other marine life if you feel inspired!


Cut. Decorate. Hang!

Once you’ve created your ocean, hunker down for some play. Sometimes the kids just like to hang out under there, on their backs, taking in the scene. Other times, everyone gets on bathing suits and suddenly we have deep sea exploration on our hands. Turning out the lights and giving everyone flashlights adds a whole new dimension of fun.

Think you’re incapable of cutting out a fish? We’ve included a template for big fish, little fish, and seaweed. For the seaweed, simply cut the spiral, and then pull one end to unfold. Create a bigger spiral for longer pieces of seaweed.

Then crack out your goggles—you’ve got an ocean to explore.



February 1st, 2010   8:25 pm

I saw this in my feeds this morning on the way to work, emailed it to my home, and got the best aquatic adventure photos of Fishboy and Froggirl by lunchtime.

Wonderful idea, thanks!


February 2nd, 2010   1:39 pm

Awesome. Saves us the parking hassle at the Seattle Aquarium on a rainy day.


February 3rd, 2010   11:54 am

Hooray! We love when good stuff makes it way out there. We’d love to see the adventures of Fishboy and Froggirl!


April 23rd, 2010   4:29 pm

such a good idea. my son, henry, will love this.

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