March 4th, 2010

Today the sun came out


(This post might seem like filler, but trust me, it’s a big deal.)


January 19th, 2010

taking flight

A falcon red tailed hawk (thanks Elliott!) takes flight across the field outside our studio. We’re pretty sure it won’t ...


January 12th, 2010

Work in progress

It might not look like too much of a difference, but the amount of stuff removed from our upstairs coupled ...


December 31st, 2009


Originally our studio was intended to be a space for woodworking, pottery and music making. But as our business grew ...


December 18th, 2009


Though it’s not the Alps, we enjoyed this project that SwissMiss did a while ago. So much that we bookmarked ...


November 23rd, 2009


So, where did this Wire & Twine thing begin?

Sometimes we furrow our brows and try to remember exactly where it ...