WOXY Top 100 of ’09 “Waveform”

December 3rd, 2009

WOXY Top 100 of ’09 “Waveform”

In 1983, WOXY started broadcasting on FM 97.7 with U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” From that point on, WOXY has been known for its creative programming and modern music. It also holds a special place in our heart, as it was based in Oxford, OH.

After the sale of the FM signal a few years back, WOXY has moved to an online format, and more recently, a new home in Austin, TX. Even though they’ve moved the office, we’re still happy to be selling their schwag, including this year’s Top 100 Bands of 2009 shirt.

Like every year, we do these top 100 shirts as a pre-order to keep overhead low. They’re no longer available, but the rock lives on.

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