Oxford Kinetics Festival

April 7th, 2011

Oxford Kinetics Festival

Tom’s been at it, again using his design skills again to delight on a poster. This one is for the Oxford Kinetics Festival that is happening in our fine town this weekend. What is this festival you ask? It’s a few things wrapped up in one. First there’s an exhibition “where regional artists and makers show off their mad skills. Sculptures, Robots, Devices and more.” After that there’s a “Scramble” where self-powered vehicles will zoom around uptown in a madcap race of sorts.

There’ll be music, activities for kids and we’re hoping some fine weather.

If you happen to stop down to the event, say howdy!

More info: Oxford Kinetics Festival

Sean Krause

March 9th, 2012   11:09 pm

Nice poster. Love the copy!

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