Poster challenge

March 9th, 2012

Poster challenge

Tom and I have been cranking on lots of stuff, but we needed to shake things up. So we decided early this week that we’d carve out a little time on Friday for a “Poster Duel.”

Essentially we’d get in this morning and print something by the end of the day. There weren’t really any other rules. I kept asking questions because I like parameters and Tom said I was thinking too hard.

By 11am we had files ready for screen production and printed out tests this afternoon.

We feel accomplished and deserving of beer. Good times.

Tom's poster detailTom’s print – “This Is How It Feels”

Tom process

(Above) The scene Tom set up and snapped on his phone that he used for the poster.

Tom detail

Chris' poster

Chris’ print –  “Get Wood”

Chris' process

(Above) A little bit of process and concepts not used.

Chris' detail


March 9th, 2012   8:19 pm

Awesome! Love the final font choice, Chris and Tom’s perspective is solid. Inspirational, love you guys.


March 9th, 2012   9:34 pm

Love the prints. Will Tom’s print be available in the store (or outside the store, by mail) for those interested in obtaining one?


March 9th, 2012   11:05 pm

Yep Jonathon, they will be available for sale. We’ve got to figure out a few things before that happens (mailing tubes, shipping rates for non-t-shirt items) but they will make it to the world. I’ll let Tom know to alert you when they go up for sale.


March 13th, 2012   12:13 pm

What a pleasure to get in my rss reader and see an update from y’all after so long! That printing on wood (balsa wood?) looks great. What kind of machine does that?


March 13th, 2012   3:45 pm

Friend pointed me here, love what you guys are doing. I’ve been imagining something similar. Keep rocking! -N


March 14th, 2012   9:58 am

Jotham – we simply used a screenprinting press to print on wood. Image of it here


March 16th, 2012   11:31 am

I totally want to buy one of Chris’s prints to hang in the woodshop at Hive13


March 18th, 2012   11:00 pm

Love these! Definitely want a print of each.

[…] The important thing though? We had fun. You can see Tom’s creation and some process shots here… […]


May 19th, 2012   9:17 pm

VERY CREATIVE!! What program did you use?!

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